The School of Early Learning has several fundraisers throughout the year. The money raised helps to purchase new items for the playground, art program and classrooms. Each fundraiser will be accompanied by a letter that provides important information for the fundraiser, including important dates. All fundraisers are planned to ensure that the delivery of items ordered are returned in a timely manner and prior to important holiday breaks (such as Christmas) or the end of the year.

The scheduled fundraisers for the 2018-19 school year include:

  • Schwan's Frozen Food

    Order through our personal link and products will be shipped directly to you! The Preschool will earn a percentage of the proceeds which we will use for scholarships, programming and supplies. We appreciate your support!

  • SCRIP Program (ongoing throughout the year)

The SCRIP Program is an ongoing fundraiser that allows you to earn money toward your child's tuition. For more information, please contact our SCRIP coordinator at

 *Please note that all fundraisers are subject to change

Thank you in advance for your support in our fundraiser endeavors!